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Spoked Barn Door Hardware Instructions


Drywall Inserts

Although drywall anchors (plastic drywall inserts) may be included in your kit, it is best to try and avoid using them. However, in some cases they may be necessary.

T Guide

When installing the T floor guide, find an area where it will always be inside the groove whether open or closed.

Anti Jump Rings (E)

When installing the anti jumpers be sure to put them to the insides of the wheel hangers. Otherwise, if they are placed to the outsides of the hangers the stops will hit them.

Installing Rail and Floor Guide

Before installing your door system, check your floor to see how level it is. If it is unlevel, you need to make sure you take the measurement for the rail height from the highest point where the door will be gliding. Be sure the lowest point is not greater than 3/8" off the floor so that the t guide will work by staying inside the groove on the door. However, also make sure that if the low point has a 3/8" gap between the bottom of the door and the floor that the high point has a space larger enough so the door will not rub.

If your floor is too far out of level, you will need to opt for either our U guide or wall guide with roller or rolling pin.

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