To Start With Find An Item That Jumps Out At You

Perhaps you start with a lamp that has a look or theme such as pine cones, bears, elk, a specific style, etc. Or you might start with a sofa line or curtains. By starting with an inspiration piece, it will help you create a flow towards a particular direction and help you blend the room or rooms to it.

A Happy Place

The overall goal should be to create a ‘Happy’ place. In this weary world we need a place not to just call home but to have a place to relax and look around and feel truly good with a warm fuzzy feeling. This will help relieve stress and rejuvenate.

Buy But Choose Wisely

There is a natural Dr. that I really respect… Dr. Schultz.  Something he said in the past really impacted me. He basically said that we should not be Pack Rats. Too many things creates a stressful and unhealthy environment. I believe he is right.

Think about this for a moment. When we have too much stuff we have to clean or dust it, we trip over it and much of which ends up back in the land fill.

So here is my thought. Rather than clutter up a room,  spend your time  and money looking for quality items that will last long-term and really add to your room. Search not only for aesthetics but also for functional items. Key in on a few items, hence quality rather than quantity.

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