When you see the majority of the items presented by Inspired American Decor, especially custom furniture, it is most likely created by Charles, our master craftsman.

Charles has been in wood working for many years, over 30 actually. CharlesDominosHe first was influenced by his father when he lived in Anchorage Alaska. His father was a premiere home builder with homes scaling up 4 or 5 levels and approximately 5000 sq. ft. In time Charles too would follow his father's foot steps with a career as a carpenter.

However, later in life, Charles worked for a furniture builder and soon ventured out on his own restoring antiques and soon to discover the beauty of refined barnwood. Charles started creating some of the most unique and beautiful rustic furniture pieces from aged old wood. He was 'breathing new life into old wood'. He launched Inspired American Decor in October 2015 with his wifew Lisa and became a full time artisan craftsman of fine rustic and country furniture.

When Charles first started building reclaimed wood furniture, the terms reclaimed and green were not even being used. In fact, he was one of only a few that were found on the internet at that time in the industry. The partially refined look that he is known for came out of a day at a lumber supplier when he gazed his eyes on barnwood flooring. It was planed with hints of the weathered look and smooth. It was a dawning of a new day for Charles and Inspired American Decor of Coeur d Alene.

Charles began creating the same look that he had seen in flooring into old wood. At that point you really did not see that look. All the other builders will simply sanding smooth old wood. Now the new look you see today, much of which was inpsired by him from images he had on the Internet were becoming more and more prevelent. You can also see Charles' Prarie styling being created by all sorts of builders today out of reclaimed wood.


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